How it works.

The Cracklin' Pig

Send through your booking via website or telephone.

You will receive an email confirmation we have received your booking.

We will send you an itemised bill including request of a £100 deposit.

On the day of the event we will call you to confirm exact location and will require safe entry route instructions to the venue.

We arrive 2 hours before agreed serving time to ensure we are set up and ready at your instruction

Depending on the size of your booking we will always attend with a carving chef and a serving waiter. If your party is in excess of 125 we will have extra serving staff available.(all included in the price)

At serving time your guests will be welcomed to our counter and will be served accordingly

We serve for two hours however if you require the team to stay longer an additional fee can be agreed.

After the two hours we will shut down our equipment, clean down the area and leave.

We will contact you in the coming days to request you complete our satisfaction survey and welcome your feedback.